Quality Fly News Update - October 2019

I am pleased to write to you, with a new communication which I hope you will find of interest.

First, this week we had an EASA Standards Compliance Audit conducted by the Spanish AESA Agency, whose job is to ensure that at regulatory level we remain compliant, and that we adhere to the highest standards in terms of safety, flight and ground operations. I am proud to announce that the result has been successful, with many observations around the multiple advances and improvements we have made in digitalization, safety and our internal processes.

No doubt there remain a number of opportunities for further improvement, and these have been identified, and we will be focusing our efforts in these areas over the coming months.

Secondly, another piece of important news is the very positive result of the Volotea Airlines assessment and recruitment day that was held at Quality Fly on Friday 23rd September, and where three firm offers of employment were made to our graduates, with several other candidates on stand-by with the possibility still to be called. The feedback from Volotea’s Head of Training was very positive on the overall standard demonstrated by the candidates. Volotea will continue to assess and recruit through Quality Fly in the future, thus strengthening our partnership.

Thirdly, a fleet update. The beautiful Tecnam P2006 that you may have seen parked in the airport will be ready to fly very soon. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Finally, time to focus on the main objective of this communication, and that is to announce some organizational changes within the school, a few nominations and one farewell.

I’ll start with the farewell. Ignacio García Pablos, our Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor (CTKI) is stepping down from his position to pursue new challenges in his professional career. I want to share our appreciation for Nacho’s hard work and dedication. Nacho started at the school some time ago, at a time when for example no one came to our ground sessions in uniform, and he leaves behind him a legacy, and an impressive 90% first time ATPL pass rate, and what is even more important, is the really amazing team of ground instructors he has built. Please join me in wishing Nacho the best success in his new endeavours and challenges. All the best, Nacho.

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